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About Us

 This is the Bains and Beers Podcast, we believe in positivity and learning. Knowledge is something no one can take away from you. If you have something to teach, come on the show and share it with the world over an ice cold beer. If you are promoting a business, this is the perfect place to go. Old or young, we want all people from different walks of life to come share their stories. It's time to build a safe environment where people can just share happy stories and spread their knowledge with others.  Our goal is to vibe out with whomever is sitting across us and connect with people through these podcasts.

We Provide the Beers

We provide the beers and drinks for all of our guests. If you love beer or love to talk and have a good time the bains and beers podcast is the right place for you. If you do not drink beer do not worry we have something for everyone. 

Everyone is Welcome

We welcome everybody on the show, whoever would like to be on the podcast let us know and we will make it happen


Listen to our Podcasts on Soundcloud, Youtube and Itunes. 

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We Provide the Beers


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